K.S.Y. Varnam

K.S.Y. Varnam is a Toronto artist, writer, and editor. Their work primarily explores queer, neurodivergent, and disabled identity through mythological, anatomical, and floral imagery. They work primarily in acrylics and mixed media. Ranging from portraits of mental disorders to abstract explorations of the natural world, their artwork has been published or is upcoming in Transition Magazine, the Theories of HER anthology, Chrysalis, The Flying Walrus, Incendies, The Quilliad, Underground Inspirations, and pacificREVIEW. They have featured at the Kensington Art Market, the Bazaar of the Bizarre, Pop with Brains, QWAC’s Hip 2B Square Art Market at Goodfellas Gallery, and Hey, We Here’s Good Art. Their abstract “Cosmos” series was displayed in the Nice to Meet You show at Creatures Creating Gallery in Toronto, and their sculptures were recently part of the 2014 juried Mad Pride art exhibition, Architecture of Mad 3. They contributed a piece to the Black Cat Gallery’s Immaculate Selfie show (September/October 2014), and some of their paintings were on display at PRINT Gallery in Kensington from December 2014-February 2015. Their most recent exhibition was at the Bloor-Gladstone Public Library in November 2015. For their graphic design portfolio, please see https://appleofmyoddeye.wordpress.com/ksyvarnam/graphic-design/(opens in a new tab)

To purchase a piece from Kit, email them at syvarnam@gmail.com. Prints are available for all artwork. Prices for originals are in the captions.

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“Roots” Series

“Roses” Series

“Thoughts” Series

“Waves” Series (so far)

“Portrait” Photography/Painting Series

“Cosmos” Series

Tattoo Art (Email for design commissions)


“Super Heroes” Series

“Telling Tales” Series

“All Mad Here” Series

“Exploratory” Series

Miscellaneous and Commissions (view captions for availability)

Jewelry (Prices range from $15-$25; ask about availability)

Sculptures (Prices range from $25-$100; ask about availability)

Christmas Ornaments (Prices range from $10-$15; ask about availability)