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IMG_7789 - CopyAs The Quilliad Press’s Kickstarter enters its final stage with a little over 50% raised and $1144 to go, we’re calling on our supporters to support small press. The Quilliad Press publishes work by both Canadian writers and artists and sees these media as working best when they’re used together. There’s a lot of crossover between the Apple of my Odd Eye collective and The Quilliad, the press’s literary journal; we’re trying to reach out to as many people as we can and create something that benefits local artists and writers as well as readers and art lovers. If you love books, literature, visual art, photography, indie publishers, and/or creativity, consider backing The Quilliad Press through Kickstarter by following this link: Especially since Kickstarter funding is all or nothing (if the full amount isn’t raised, The Quilliad Press doesn’t get any of it), even $5 helps, and you’ll get a digital copy of The Quilliad’ s sixth issue as a reward. Other rewards include personalised poetry on demand, art prints, and chapbooks of art and poetry. Check it out!

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